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Why Choose Oriflame TODAY?

With Oriflame you are your own boss, work with beauty, manage your own time and earn extra income. You can start your business today and immediately make money by selling products. Or, you can build your own team and increase your earnings over time as you coach them to grow too.


There are two ways you can earn money with Oriflame!
1. Selling Oriflame Products
If you enjoy selling you can increase your earnings by making up to 20% profit on the orders you collect from customers. Every month Oriflame provides you with a new catalog full of the latest beauty products – created in Sweden – that makes selling as easy as simply showing the catalog.
2. Earn even more money by inviting others to join
Build your own team of consultants by inviting others to join Oriflame. You will benefit by not only further increasing your earnings but also developing your beauty, business and management skills through Oriflame Academy training courses. Your Oriflame beauty consultant will be there to guide you through the process of building your own team. By sharing your beauty expertise with your team you will help them to build their dreams as you achieve your own.

Oriflame and its leaders provide a complete range of tools and training to support you along the way. With the latest online technology, you will have the online applications, tools, and e-learning to equip you for success. This will enable you to invite, and recruit others to join online easily as well as to place your orders online at any time and any place. By attending Oriflame Academy training and events, you will learn more about our unique beauty products – and how to earn more money.
With Oriflame, you will also find leading internet business tools and applications enabling you to do your business online.
The Oriflame opportunity puts your dreams within your reach with no risk and exceptional rewards.


1. You will be registered as an Oriflame Brand Partner after we have accepted your application and have granted you a unique Brand Partner number. The conditions of your acceptance as an Oriflame Brand Partner are stipulated in the Membership Rules section of the Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct.

2. You will be required to provide your valid Identity and Address Proof at the time of registration.
3. You will have an option to buy a business kit, a set of documents, and manuals helping to start your association with us which in case you want, will be billed on your first or subsequent purchase invoice.
4. An applicant must be at least 18 years of age to be a Brand Partner.
5. Both you and Oriflame may at any time terminate your membership as stipulated further in the Terms.
6. Your membership will expire after 12 months from the calendar month in which your last BP order was placed. Further, all new registration will be immediately terminated if a BP order is not placed by the end of 2 calendar months after the calendar month in which you have registered with Oriflame.
7. The membership is personal to you and cannot be assigned or transferred to any other person without our prior written consent and as provided in the Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct.
8. Upon your registration:
9. You will be entitled to buy Oriflame Products in accordance with these Terms as well as use the other benefits set out in the Oriflame Success Plan;
10. You will be obliged to adhere strictly to the rules of these Terms including the rules of any documents referred to in them.
11. Your Oriflame ID Card and training manual will be sent to you on your email ID or shall be provided to you on your profile page with Oriflame.


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